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COVID-19 Vaccination


COVID-19 Vaccination




The FDA and CDC have now approved 4th Dose Boosters for the following individuals:

  • All individuals ages 65 and older

  • Individuals ages 50 and older who have underlying health conditions

** Qualifying individuals must have received the 3rd dose Booster at least 4 months prior to receiving a 4th Dose Booster **

In-store appointments are now available by using the Sign-Up Here" link below to access our online scheduling tool.  


 We are offering scheduled and select walk-in appointments and for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen (J&J) COVID-19 vaccines on Monday through Friday. For safety and efficiency reasons due to the increased demand for vaccines and booster doses, we ask that you please use our online scheduler and refrain from directing calls to the store related to vaccines.

By utilizing the scheduling website, you have the ability to select a date and time that works best with your schedule. 

Use the "Sign-Up Here" Link in the next column to book an appointment for your COVID Booster


If possible, please refrain from contacting pharmacy staff in regards to the vaccine unless you have an urgent question. Contacting the store regarding COVID-19 vaccine availability interferes with our pharmacy's ability to serve our patients safely and quickly. We are trying to help our community as best and as efficiently as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


We're all in this together!

Vaccine Appointment Availability

Sign up for our in-store appointments below

We are currently providing Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19  3rd and 4th Booster doses with a limited number in-store appointments and walk ins. 

Please see FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information regarding 3rd Dose and Booster vaccine questions and qualifications

** We do not have any clinics scheduled at this time and will re-evaluate the need for off-site vaccination clinics as we determine 3rd and 4th Booster Dose demand**

Kid Getting Vaccinated

Pfizer Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccines

We now have limited quantities of the Pfizer Pediatric Vaccine for children and adolescents ages 5-11.

The Pfizer Pediatric vaccine is administered in a 2 shot series similar to the adult Pfizer vaccine. The two doses are separated by 21 days (and up to 35 days after the first dose).

In-store appointments for Pfizer Pediatric First and Second doses are now available on our scheduling website!

 In order to prevent wasting Pediatric vaccine (due to the limited quantity current available) we will be providing in-store appointments on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for up to 10 children per evening. Please visit the link below to schedule your child's Pfizer Pediatric vaccination series.  The scheduling site will request that you chose a date for the first and second dose while registering your child.

*We are also looking into creating more vaccination clinic dates for Pfizer Pediatric vaccines and will release any updates as soon as they are created*

What you need to know before you get your vaccine at our clinics:

Prior to your vaccine

Check your vaccine eligibility to ensure you are eligible. Refer to the resources below to make an informed decision.

sign up for your appointment

We have released links to sign up for our in-store scheduling tool.  Please visit the link below to schedule your desired vaccine type and select an appointment day and time that works before for you.

Prior to your appointment

Complete your vaccine consent form. Review the notice of privacy practices and the available fact sheet links below. Refer to the resources provided for what to expect prior to your appointment.

When you arrive

Please visit our vaccination site located on South Reading Ave

The vaccination "clinic" is around the corner from our main store in what was formerly Victory Lacrosse

In the event that we are unable to adequately staff that location, sides will be posted on the door with instructions on where we are providing vaccines that day.

After your appointment

You must be monitored for 15-30 minutes to ensure you do not have any severe adverse reactions. If you have a conflict with the date of your second dose, please email 

Refer to the resources below if you have any additional questions or are interested in V-Safe for additional information/a reminder for your second dose.



Please note: There is a large difference between BOOSTER and THIRD COVID-19 Vaccine doses. 

Booster doses

Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J booster doses have been approved by the FDA

*The Moderna Booster Dose will be a half dose (0.25mL) per FDA and CDC recommendations, and is only intended for individuals 18+ to receive 5 months after completing their initial series.

*The Pfizer booster dose is approved for those 12+ and is only administered 5 months after completing the initial series

*The J&J booster dose is approved for those 18+ and is administered 2 months after receiving the initial dose

Third Doses

  • Pfizer and Moderna available for 3rd Dose given 28 days after the initial vaccine series

  • THIRD dose have ONLY been approved for immunocompromised individuals

*The Moderna 3rd Dose for Immunocompromised Individuals is recommended as a full dose (0.5mL) per FDA and CDC guidelines



The Medicine Shoppe Notice of Privacy Practices

Our role as a Pharmacists and pharmacy associates is to provide information for our patients to make educated and relevant decisions for their health. Our position is not to agree or disagree with your health choices, but to facilitate accessibility to healthcare. This is not a political agenda, it is an agenda for your health. 
Attached are some resources to allow you to make an informed decision regarding the COVID-19 vaccine:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Pennsylvania Department of Health

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

American College of Preventative Medicine (ACPM)

New England Journal of Medicine